We are so happy to hear that your path has brought you to this space :) We are sure that means you’re on the right track of working with your passion or that you are planning an exciting adventure.

Whether you seek support for your business, project, adventure or simply want to spread our products and spirit, we want to hear from you.

We are fortunate enough to receive a great deal of applications from outdoor lovers, and even though we wish we could support each and every one of you, we can’t. However, we try our best and we read through all applications and will get back to you if we think we are a good match.

Please read this page carefully & find the link below to apply for sponsorship or influencer collaborations.


If you are passionate about social media and would like to inspire others with content about outdoor activities or a more sustainable textile future. We would love to hear from you. 

We are currently seeking outdoor enthusiasts from Norway and Sweden.

Is that you?

We’re looking for ambassadors who produce genuine and engaging content for a loyal audience of at least 3000 people. You must have a passion for a sustainable outdoor lifestyle. We take into account things like niche, follower count, engagement rate, audience’s age, location, content quality and how credible and genuine your content is. 


Being a
Ulvang ambassador doesn’t mean that you will be employed by us. Rather, it means that you will be collaborating with us on an independent basis. We evaluate each application and project individually but here are some of the perks we can offer our ambassadors depending on the project:


  • Free products for your collaboration / project 
  • A personal discount code to share with your followers
  • Opportunity to paid commissions 
  • Opportunity to take part in our product development
  • Opportunity to be featured in our social channels and our website.





If you are planning an exciting & inspiring adventure, event or business idea and think Ulvang can be the right partner, please fill in the fields for sponsorship & special projects. Try to be as specific as possible with your idea. That would make it easier for us to evaluate whether we think we would be a good fit. 

Make sure you write the correct email address since that is how you will hear from us if we should be interested in collaborating with you.

Looking forward to reading your application!



Application form

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