About Wool

Out in nature it is nature's own materials that are best suited. Many have tried to imitate the good qualities of the wool - without luck. Wool is an incredible commodity that has been used for generations.

Wool has a number of unique and very good properties:

  • Insulates against cold due to the naturally curled fibers that contain a lot of air.
  • The natural properties of the wool regulate the temperature level by both heat and cold.
  • Transports moisture.
  • Can absorb up to 30% moisture without the garment feeling damp.
  • Eliminates sweat odor.
  • Provides good resistance to dirt and is self-cleaning.
  • Wool is fireproof - it is the least flammable of all natural fibers.
  • Wool is the most environmentally friendly fiber we have - it can even be composted!