Powder Kingdom Japan!

Our ambassador Elisabeth Mathisen tells about his 5 weeks of skiing in the powdery kingdom of Japan!

Wow, this has been a dream that finally came true!

The five-week trip started in the upper part of Japan, an island named Hokkaido. Perfect powder snow, fresh sushi, onsens (hot springs) and fewer people. Hokkaido has several different small ski resorts with little people and much untouched powder to offer. Several places on the island can get up to 20 meters of snow a year!

Our tour started in Niseko, one of the world's best ski resorts. Here we enjoyed so well that we were there for a whole 3.5 weeks! The plan was actually to move more on us, but the snow and the environment were just too good. We drove around in the vicinity of Niseko, like Rusutsu and Kiroro. Rusutsu has amazing trekking and when we were in Kiroro it was absolutely insanely powder! Niseko also has several different resorts, worth checking out all to find your favorite!

Large parts of Hokkaido's mountains are not very steep, on the contrary! If you want it to be steeper, I would probably go to Hakuba! It was also our plan, but the weather forecast one really can't trust, so we stayed and we did not regret it for a second. Despite the gentle mountains you swam in the powder!

Really recommend staying in a ski lodge, getting to know people and making friends for life! We stayed several nights in capsule rooms when we were in Japan. Someone better than others but really worth trying!

After 3.5 weeks of skiing and apres ski, we decided to take a flight down to Osaka, Japan's third largest city. Here we slept one night and went on to Kyoto in the afternoon. Kyoto was formerly the capital of Japan and the city has a lot of culture to offer. Recommend taking the bus around to see the most. From temples, shrines, monkeys and Shika deer that roam freely. Also recommend renting a bike one day. Don't forget your sneakers and wool, it's still cold here!


After a few days in Kyoto, the trip went to the capital, Tokyo. Wow for a city! In Tokyo, the metro is the most used. There is also a huge amount to do here. Sightseeing, arcade games, disneyworld and eating alot of good food were some of the things we did, and much more is doing! Here the ranks went from one digit up to short sea!

A little tip if you are traveling with ski bags and trolleys. If you want to get around with a lot of luggage, it becomes heavy and stressful. We traveled with both ski bags, trolleys and bags. Don't weigh them little either! Buses and the metro are not designed to carry lots of luggage and would not travel with so much luggage next time!


Don't forget the wool! What I really enjoyed was:

- Alpine sock
- Ragg sock
- Training hipster (Called in the elevator!)
- Training sports top
- Training 3/4 pants
- Rav 100% pants
- Amber sweater
- Rav 100% turtle neck
- Thermo round neck
- Rav 100% headover
- Wool hat
- Woolen mittens

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With best regards
Elisabeth Mathisen