Calvin Shackleton

Calvin is a glacier researcher and training mountain guide who loves to spend every free minute in the mountains: climbing ice and rock, riding splitboard, mountaineering, and exploring glaciers.

I think that being outside and spending time in nature should always be a priority. I try to say yes to all adventures in the mountains, and encourage as many as possible to head out on trips! I have lived in Tromsø for 6 years now, and am endlessly inspired by the mountains, the people, and way of life. 

I grew up in the countryside of northern England, and developed a sense of adventure after spending an amazing childhood exploring the forests and countryside with my two brothers, encouraged by my parents to adventure wherever possible.

Now I am a glacier researcher living in northern Norway, interested in how melted water flows across, through and beneath glacial ice and the influence this has on ice flow. I have spent time doing fieldwork on glaciers in Svalbard and Greenland, and out in the Barents Sea on research expeditions looking for seafloor evidence of past glaciers for my PhD. As often as I can I head to glaciers for recreational trips around Norway (Jotunheimen, Svartisen, Lyngen, etc), as there is always something to discover and new, bizarre landscapes to explore when on the ice!

In my spare time I climb as much rock and ice as I can, run in the mountains, and explore the wonderful peaks around Tromsø and Lyngen on my splitboard. I seem to seek out cold and unforgiving places, and having the right wool layers can offer a lot of comfort when battling the full force of nature on mountain peaks, in frozen gullies, and on steep and glaciated terrain! 

I share stories from my mountain adventures and fieldwork on my blog and photos on my Instagram page

See you in the mountains!