Regine Emilie Mathisen

Ulvangvenn, hunter and fly fisherman.

I grew up with hunting, fishing and outdoor life as a natural part of everyday life. With Sami background, I currently conduct an outdoor life where old Sami fishing culture meets a more modern outdoor life. I am keen on harvesting nature where there is surplus, while at the other end I am passionate about preserving the natural diversity we have.

Preserving wild salmon fish is my big heartbeat!
Using, harvesting and living with nature gives me both mastery and excitement in everyday life. Fly fishing requires knowledge of the fish, the river and the insects that live there, and understanding and taking part in nature is probably what appeals to me the most. Being alone in the mountains, either with weapons or fishing rod, gives me a sense of belonging and I always long back when I have come home from trip.

I want more people to have the good experiences that nature has given me. In my daily work I take part in the fact that children and young people discover nature. Working out every day of the year, as well as pursuing an active outdoor life in his spare time, requires his clothes.

The amber sweater has been a favorite for many years, both for walk and everyday. The amber pants are a newer favorite that keeps me warm inside the wetsuit when one stands for life in freezing water. In addition, it is perfect around the campfire, no need to worry about spark. One last favorite one does not come by is the classic Ulvangsokken, it is never nice to freeze on your legs in turn!