Stian Klo

Ulvangvenn, professional nature and landscape photographer, instructor and guide.

Stian Klo runs the company Discover North AS - - together with his business partner and photographer, Arild Heitmann. They arrange exclusive photo courses and workshops in idyllic surroundings in Lofoten, Senja, Svalbard, Iceland, Greenland and the Faroe Islands.

We arrange around 15-20 week-long courses a year, and courses about 150+ clients a year, and 95% of them are photographers with a great desire to see Norway from our local and honest perspective. Our picture material addresses the interaction between the coastal culture and our raw nature, it documents climate change in the Arctic / polar regions and facilitates that our clients go home from the courses with greater insight and expertise both in terms of photography, but more importantly an expanded knowledge about environmental issues and changes in the climate here in the region and our rich history and more. They simply go home from here as new friends and good ambassadors for our region, says Stian Klo.

1. I like being out because it's the only place my brain takes "free" from stress and everyday life. I only exist there and then and the creative part of the brain takes over and I explore the surroundings in a completely different way.

2. Easy to combine leisure and work, when I work full time as a photographer and my office is outdoors! Luxury life you ask me!

3. The Norwegian nature is brutal and dazzling at the same time. We are spoiled with infinite access to mountain peaks and fjords, and when you combine it with the special light we have, it becomes an unbeatable combination.

4. Thermo terry turtle is always good to have here in the north when it is cold. It is very soft and comfortable to wear. Otherwise, the RAV sweater is always included!

5. I often go for a walk with others, so we distribute brilliantly in our bags. But for myself I always have headlamps, waders, battery bank, ipod (with radiohead playlist), headset and of course my camera equipment.

6. Terminated the job just over 2.5 years ago. The daydreams and the longing to explore took over and I felt that I had to take the genre to be honest with myself.

7. It is highly recommended - but think carefully and have both a plan A, B and C in case something happens. I myself thought about it for over a year and thus had plenty of time to research potential pitfalls and gaps in the market. I also saved a lot of funds to fall back on in case "shit hits the fan"! Without an education in the back, the choice would probably be longer, but I haven't regretted a second on the election.

8. Be great in any weather! There are thousands of pictures of blue sky and summer, but how exciting is it? Take the genre and go out when the storm rages - it's often when ONE moment happens and you catch something unique and exciting to have in the portfolio. Patience is also alpha omega - don't expect gold from the first moment, it takes a long time to build a brand / brand and it requires hard, targeted and consistent work towards a goal.

Stian Klo is the official photographer for Lonely Planet and has large clients like Apple, Instagram, National Geographic and BBC Travel.