Durability, the most important part of a sustainable garment.

Sustainability has become an important word in society - and for good reason. When it comes to textiles, our priorities have changed and many more people want clothes that last longer and can easily be recycled without harming nature.

The old belief that wool is an itchy and chunky knit from grandma is long gone. Now there're a wealth of great wool products available for all shapes, sizes, preferences and activities. 

Wool is becoming increasingly popular and has become a firm favorite for many people, both for everyday use and for hiking. Whether it’s the wool coat you keep at your summer cabin, the wool sweater for Sunday walks or the woolen T-shirt for quiet days at home. Wool is gold in all conditions.

If you’re looking for garments that last a long time, wool clothing is the perfect solution when you need quality, durability and value. Properly cared for, wool will prolong the life of your garment while also saving you money and the environment.



At Ulvang, you’ll find woolen sweaters, woolen trousers, wool tights and accessories that are suitable for everyday wear and activity, both in summer and winter. During the winter months, the wool will keep you nice and warm, while in the summer it will have a cooling effect.


We’re pro wool for a reason.

Wool has many unique properties, which makes it very versatile. The natural texture of the fibers means that wool will keep its original shape, even after several uses. Our goal is for the garments to have the highest percentage of wool possible, so that they have the best properties and save the environment. We use good quality wool and often have a high gram weight that makes the garments more durable. This is a process that we always consider when choosing yarn and fabrics for production.


Sock warranty

We’re proud of our sock collection. Our goal is to make durable, reliable socks that withstand plenty of wear. That’s why all our socks come with a two-year guarantee. If the socks are faulty or damaged, we will repair them for you, and if we can't repair them, we'll give you a new pair. The broken socks are recycled into unique woolens.



Care and Maintenance

Wool clothing doesn't need to be washed between uses; it’s often enough to hang it out for airing. When you sweat, the wool absorbs the moisture, which means that the bacteria that produce sweat odors don't thrive, which is why you'll never smell much sweat odor on wool garments.

Our laundry and care guide provides some good tips on how to prolong the life of your wool garment, and watch here to how easy it is to mend holes.


Always 100%

Wool is 100% natural, biodegradable and renewable. Even the most worn-out wool garments still have a certain lifespan. We take recycling as a matter of course and surplus fabric becomes new functional products such as our Lygna hat. Clothes that are no longer reparable are turned into, for example, seat mats or rags that can be used for decorating ski cabins and homes.