How we optimize transportation

Here is how we optimize transport to be able to transport goods and products in a more environmentally friendly and efficient way.


Ulvang, which is part of Brav, has specific strategies with sustainability in focus in order to ensure that products have minimal impact on the environment, use environmentally certified goods, recycled materials, and think of water energy savings where possible. By constantly looking at new measures and solutions one can help contribute to better solutions in the industry.

Transportation and deliveries

Most products come from factories in Asia and Europe. There are two types of inbound deliveries, the first being normal delivery where it goes from manufacturer to the main warehouse in Lillehammer before being sent to the customer. Direct delivery on the other hand is directly from manufacturers to customers. At Brav, we are trying to do more Direct deliveries so that the environmental impact is minimized on transportation.  

When packing, a standard size is used, both in receiving goods from the suppliers and sending the goods to our customers. With good planning, these are filled up and the spaces in the containers are utilized to the fullest. This helps reduce extra transportation, fuel consumption and the environmental footprint. A goal is to make the boxes more flexible so they can be used in several ways for products and goods. 

At Brav, we are always evaluating our Sourcing and Supply chain network, and trying to find the right balance of delivering the best value for our customers with the lowest environmental impact. We are constantly updating our forecast accuracy so that we can order the right type, and quantity of goods, and minimize the waste. 



Customers no longer want a product, the transport company that receives the return will send it directly back to the main warehouse in Lillehammer. Then you as a customer can feel confident that there will be no stopover or unnecessary shipping on the returns you have.

In the future

Ulvang, like Brav, places high demands on its suppliers when it comes to human rights, animal welfare and environmental requirements. By constantly looking at new and better solutions, you will be able to help reduce your footprint in the best possible way. There is still a long way to go, but new strategies are constantly being considered in order to take their share of responsibility.