Where can you recycle your garments?

At Ulvang, we are committed to giving our clothes a second chance through recycling.

Wool clothes can last a lifetime and is a great option if you want to buy versitale, comfortable and long-lasting products for your everyday activies.



It may be that your wool garment just need a little extra love and attention, check out our repair guide here. Our garments are designed to be easy to repair and wool clothes are often easier to repair thant other materials. 

We even have our own repair center at our concept store at Snø Lørenskog, where clothes can be fixed, or delivered so they can be recycled. 

Read more about maintenance and durability here.



Second hand gives new love to old or little used clothes. If you have wool garmens lying around, sell them, give them away to a friend or donate them to a charity. 

Idea: Many people still don't know about the fantastic properties of wool, so why not give it to a friend who is an outdoor enthusiast and who could benefit from experiencing just how good and versatile wool clothes are.



When it’s time to say goodbye to your most beloved wool garments, donate them to the Salvation Army, for example. Products from Ulvang, or wool clothes in general have a high re-use value and are sought-after products. 

"All garments are quality checked at our sorting facilities in Oslo and Sandnes, before being dispatched to the stores, and the garments from Ulvang rarely have any pilling or torn or twisted seams. 'Also, the zippers and buttons are often in tact even if the garments are well worn,'" says Fretex Chain Manager in Norway. 

This means when you buy products from us you know you'll get high quality clothes, which will be properly recycled afterwards.


In Norway we have collaboration with companies that make new products out of old ones, like rugs or seat pads with an unique colour combination you won't find anywhere else. 

We always want to improve and if you have any ideas for us we would love to hear them.