Ulvang’s design philosophy

Wool is our ethos, and our clothes are designed for different activities whatever your location.

Over the years, we have discovered that Norwegians love wool just as much as we do, and all of the functions, features and designs of our garments are made with the customer in mind. Some people prefer our more traditional styles, some prefer the more unique, while others go for the versatile and simple styles that work with most things.

At Ulvang, our focus is on making products of a high quality and ensuring the animals' well-being, as this what results in the best wool. The farms we work with care about good animal welfare, and they have large grazing areas where the sheep can move about freely. Visit Dyrevern.no for a summary of the clothing brands that sell wool with animal welfare requirements.



Our designs

Many of our garments have been developed and perfected over a long period of time to remain current whatever the season. We call these 'carry over' products. We don't change these products - we carry them over into the new seasons. These are the garments that remain current year after year and which never go out of style. We believe in slow fashion, which means we don't change basic products unnecessarily. This avoids overspending and you can bring out your favourites season after season. Our RAV sweater has become a huge favourite, with almost 2 million woollen sweaters sold since it was launched in 2005.



Our collections

We believe in creating functional woollen garments that can be worn for a variety of activities, so you don't need to buy new clothes for every new activity you embark on. The wool’s unique properties are always in our focus, and these are equally suitable for everyday use, hiking, training and skiing.

We also have wool from Norway; our own collection is made from 100% traceable wool from around the country, and from sheep that graze in forests and mountains throughout the summer. Norwegian wool supports Norwegian farmers and a local value chain.




We want our products to have as long a lifespan as possible. That’s why all our garments are are made based on our 'design for repair' principle. We’ve created a guide on how to easily fix your Ulvang garments. See more here.

Any products that come to us via a complaint, and which cannot be repaired, are sent to GOTT (Oslo Tre og Tekstil). GOTT is a growth company for people with occupational disabilities who make unique fillers using products that cannot be repaired. See more here.


Residual yarn

When we produce new collections, we buy quite a lot of yarn. Most of it becomes new woollen sweaters or woollen underwear. However, as most knitters know, we are always left with some residual after production. Lygna is a timeless Merino wool hat made from 100% usable residual yarn.



Wool is sustainable in several ways

Wool will naturally decompose and release valuable nutrients into the soil within a few months or years. Because no smells or stains stick well to wool, you don't need to wash your woollen garments as often as other garments. Simply hang your garments out to air instead. This saves water and the environment. Wool is stretchy and keeps its shape well, and you can take good care of your woollen clothes for many years to come.