The right wool underwear for foraging for mushrooms and berries.

When autumn arrives, many people head out into the vast countryside to forage for mushrooms and berries, and dressing for the conditions is very important.

Why choose wool underwear?

Wool clothing is always a winner in changeable weather conditions, but just what is it that makes wool so special? Wool can absorb up to 30% of its own weight in moisture, so you’ll stay warm even when you’re wet. With the right clothes for your activity and intensity level, wool will help you retain heat during cold or stationary periods, but wool is also temperature-regulating so you don't feel hot during the warmest or most active times.




Layers or extra garments

The layering principle is a good precaution. The inner layer should be tight while the middle layer should have a slightly looser fit. The inner layer’s function is to wick moisture and sweat from your body while still keeping you warm. Go for a good base layer of wool that suits your activity level. The middle layer should help to keep you warm and comfortable during less active periods. A thick woollen sweater that is easy to pull on and off will last you a long time and is good to wear on cold mornings and throughout the evening when the sun has gone down.



Ulvang has a great selection of base layers in Merino wool that guarantee you a comfortable day outdoors. RAV 100% is versatile underwear that can be worn all year round for different activities. With its excellent elasticity and super soft feel, this woollen underwear can be worn on its own, or as an inner layer on slightly colder days.

Summer wool is perfect for warmer days or for those who like to stay warm. These garments are made from the finest Merino wool, which has a cooling effect on hot or high intensity days.  Summer wool is really comfortable throughout the year and you can wear it under your other clothes in the colder months.

We also have accessories such as hats, woollen socks and thin woollen mittens (can be worn under thicker mittens) to keep you warm when you’re outdoors. Autumn weather can be temperamental, so it’s better to bring a few extra layers with you than not enough.

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Complete with an outer layer, preferably a windproof and waterproof jacket and trousers, plus a good pair of shoes!Happy foraging!