How to dress children for hiking

People love spending days outdoors with their families, especially when seeing the joy in their children's eyes when they are exploring the wonders of nature.


Whether it is a short walk in the forest or starting a campfire, children are all over the place before you even have the chance to orient yourself. A day outdoors means good planning, both for yourself and your children. Wearing the right clothes is important to get the most out of the day, so why not invest in good merino clothes that are both warm and comfortable? 


Children and wool

Wool clothes can be used several times before it needs to be washed. Also, light rain, snow or stains will run off the fabric. Often it is advisable to use a cloth locally to remove stains.

Wool can absorb up to 30% of its own weight in moisture, and the fibers in the wool transport sweat and moisture away from the body, which means children will stay warm and dry, even when they are wet. Wool is also temperature-regulating, so children will not feel overheated during their most active periods, or be cold when resting. 


The children's collection PINY is made for fun days with high activity. With carefully selected high quality materials these garments are comfortable to use and easy to repair. 

All intermediate layers are made of 100% wool and come with double fabric in the places that are most exposed to tearing. Piny t-shirts are made in a mixture of merino wool and Lyocell, the mixture makes the garments soft and light against the skin. 




This wool underwear series is in a combination of polyester and wool, the inner layer of polyester transports moisture away from the body, while the outer layer of merino wool absorbs the moisture and redistributes it to heat and insulation. Fifty50 is just as suitable for everyday use as for any other activities your child is doing.


Rav Kids

On days with varying temperatures, an extra layer of sweater and trousers can help. RAV JR. is the children's edition of Ulvang's best-selling wool sweater. Comfortable and warm clothes that are durable and perfect for cooler days. 

Combine with a lined outerwear or rain-resistant clothing and the kids are ready for an active day outdoors.