How to dress children in spring

It's getting warmer, the snow is melting, leaving puddles everywhere which children just have to jump into, spring is finally here.


Merino wool clothing is versatile, comfortable and soft against the body, perfect for active children who play indoors and out all day.

Choose wool baselayers for children

The wool’s fibres make wool garments very versatile in use. They can be used indoors, outdoors and for all kinds of activities. Wool wicks away moisture and insulates, so you’ll stay warm and dry even when you’re wet. Even in very active times, children will not feel sweaty, wet or overheated in wool clothing, as wool is naturally temperature-regulating. It is also partly water-resistant, light rain, snow or flecks of dirt will settle on the surface or run off the fabric. 

In spring, the weather varies a lot, sunshine one day and rain or snow the next. Therefore, you should dress your child according to the multilayer principle and different temperatures. It's better to wear more thin layers than a few thick ones, then you can easily regulate the heat by putting on or taking off clothes depending on your child's needs and activity.

Good experiences don't just come from a good wool set, it’s just as important to remember mittens, a hat and good socks. At kindergarten, children are outdoors a long time, while older children often take part in activities during school hours. It can quickly become a cold experience if they're not dressed properly. It can be difficult to find the right amount of clothes based on the day and activity, but it’s better to have an extra layer than none. 

Our collections

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