How to keep warm on a ski trail

For many people, winter is synonymous with skiing whether at home or at a cabin. Depending on the track you choose, it is important to dress right to have the best experience.


Wool is always a classic and is perfect to wear on the go. Wool's properties make garments insulating, temperature-regulating and comfortable. Wool fibres can absorb 30% of its weight in moisture, so even if it gets wet or sweaty, wool will retain heat. Most people are familiar with the multilayer principle; wool is perfect as an extra layer to put on and take off, as needed. You don't need a lot of garments and you will save space and weight in your bag. 

Inner Layer

The inner layer must be thin and tight. Its function is to wick away heat and sweat while keeping you warm and dry. All Ulvang base layers are made with  Merino wool, which makes them soft and comfortable. 

The Training line is designed with changing weather in mind, but it is also suitable for a few rounds on the ski trail under a ski jacket and ski pants. These garments are made of comfortable single jersey in combination with mesh panels, strategically placed for optimal sweat wicking. 

The Merino Net line is suitable for high-intensity or varying activities. For lower intensity, a second layer is required. These garments are lightweight, have good insulation and breathability and high moisture wicking. 


Middle Layer:

A high level of activity means that the body generates more heat, and the warmer you are the fewer layers you need. In high-intensity activity, you can easily manage with two layers, but during still periods it is a good idea to add an extra layer.

Marius by Ulvang is a collection in 100% wool with the well-known pattern that all Norwegians love. They are soft, timeless sweaters that keep you warm during resting periods and when you want to enjoy the cold days or the Easter sun. Designed for both tranquil and active people who love Norwegian culture and nature. 

Merino Net in combination with Thermo is ideal for those long tours or coldest days.
The main fabric is 100% Merino wool in an interlock construction, which provides extra good insulation and good moisture wicking. Designed with mesh underarms for extra good sweat wicking during the most active periods. 

For those days with a bit more wind and weather, the Windblock jacket is a winner. The ergonomic fit ensures freedom of movement. The wind panels in the front and mesh details on the sides and back ensure good insulation and breathability. 



Complete your look with accessories that will keep you nice and warm all day long. Here you’ll find comfortable garments for those calm and active tours. 

Tips from Ulvang.
A little tip: no matter what kind of tour you take, it’s always a good idea to have an extra set.