How to keep warm on an alpine ski slope

With long-awaited zeal, many skiers are back where they belong, ready to once again challenge themselves on the snow-covered slopes, in familiar and beloved surroundings..


Winter can be cold and tough, and good clothes are just as important as safe and good equipment. The multi-layer principle is a good rule of thumb and with the right planning, the trip to the slopes will be successful, even for the least experienced!


Why choose wool?

Wool has several different properties to suit all types of weather.  Woolen fibers have insulating properties, and the air trapped by them is converted into heat by our bodies. With high activity, the body produces more heat and sweat. Wool’s properties mean that excess sweat and moisture will be wicked away from the body, regulating the temperature so that you are still warm without getting wet. 


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Inner layer

For a great day, it’s essential to have a snug and comfortable inner layer to keep warm. The function of these garments is to retain body heat during both quieter and more active periods. 

Woolen underwear like Rav 100% will last a long time for most people who do not have any specific activity wishes or requirements. This is our most versatile woolen underwear and is perfect for varying intensity. For higher intensity, we recommend the Merino mesh, which is lightweight, has good breathability and insulating properties.

Not sure which woolen underwear to choose? Take our test and find the one that best suits you and your needs.

Woolen socks will do the trick to escape the cold. Ulvang presents a wide range of durable wool socks for different activities. On the alpine slope we recommend the Alpine sock, which consists of wool and silk. It will keep you dry all day, from the first trip to the last. 

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Middle Layer:

The middle layer is for keeping warm, even during the stationary periods and especially on the ski lift. Midlayers should be on the outside of the base layer, either as the outer layer if you do not need a jacket or under a jacket (preferably windproof).

Our top-selling sweater is the Rav; perfect for a day on the ski slopes, it is everyone’s favourite. A comfortable sweater with long sleeves and high zipper that works for most activities.

On cold days, extra insulation on the buttocks and thighs can be beneficial. Our 3/4 wool long johns with side zippers make it easy to ventilate when you need to. 


You should dress for different temperatures and weather conditions. A cold day may require two or three layers, while on a warmer day an inner and middle layer will suffice. Accessories such as wool necks or headovers are perfect for wearing under helmets, which provide extra warmth in the neck area and can easily be put on or taken off. 

Woolen mittens in combination with wind mittens are one of the warmest things you can have and can be used even on milder days. In addition, woolen mittens retain heat even if they get wet.