How to stay warm on a mountain hike

Whether your mountain hikes are short or long, one thing is for sure: good experiences come with good planning. Most people have learned from experience about the unpredictable weather; even a glorious summer day can quickly turn cold.


Wool for all types of hikes

For Norwegians, the Mountain code is embedded from an early age, but just as important is the multi-layer principle. Wether your destination is Norway or somewhere else, knowing both will help you on your next hike —especially the last one.

In short, the multi-layer principle means putting on layes depening on the trip, activity and weather conditions. The baselayer should be close-fitting, this is to transport moisture from your body while keeping you warm and dry. The mid layer is for insulation and temperature regulation, and is a little looser than the first layer. The mid-layer can easily be taken off or on depening on the intensity and weather. The cover layer protects from snow, wind and rain. 
Ulvang offers a wide range of clothing for base- and mid layers, for all activites and weather conditions. 

Why wool?
The wool's fibers have some unique properties that makes these types of garments perfect for hiking, all around the world. It dosen't matter if it's warm or cold, or you have high or low intensity, wool is always the best option. It transports the sweat and moist from your body, insulates and keeps you warm, even when you are wet. Wool can be worn all seasons, not just winter. 

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Rav 100% is a super-soft and versatile wool underwear that can be worn throughout the whole year, both in warm and cold weather and during different activities. The ribbed texture has good elasticity and the vertical channels provide excellent insulation, making it perfect for hiking or relaxing.

Explore is a soft wool underwear series in a timeless design with a merino and lyocell blend. This is ideal for versitle use, especially in varying intensitiy levels. Explore garments are moisture-wicking and is naturally odor-resistant. A great choice for those who do many different activites.

On the warmer days, summer wool in merino can be a great alternative. 
Designed for warm weather, with temperature regulating properties that provide a cooling effect which feels comfortable on the skin. 

Pace is great for those with higher intensity levels, or for those who likes clothes with cooling effect. With its sweat-wicking properties, these clothes gives great ventilation, great for activities during the hottest days. 

Mid layer:

On longer hikes where you have long rest periods, wool will always keep you warm. Carry extra garments and accessories in your backpack which you can easily pull on and off according to the conditions. Wool clothes are naturally odor-resistant, very lightweight and take up little space in your backpack, making these clothes suitable for spending several days in the outdoors. How many layers or extra garments you bring depends on the duration of the trip, weather and temperature. Plan ahead and make sure you’re prepared.




Rav 100% wool sweater is a go-to for many, and can be worn all year around, and for all activities. With the high zipper and long sleeves with thumbholes this is great having during resting periods or on the top of the mountain peak.


For extra warmth and comfort, hoodovers, thin woolen mittens and socks are great to keep in your bag and for staying warm during the night in your sleeping bag.