Outside strength training

Make use of all that nature has to offer to boost your health and strengthen your muscles. Here are some top tips for strength training outside in the woods and park.

A good training session doesn't come by itself; it requires good clothing that provides good mobility and which feels comfortable throughout your training. Sportswear in merino wool is soft against your body, and a good T-shirt and tights or shorts in wool will give you a real boost.


There are several reasons for choosing wool training clothes. Wool has moisture-wicking and temperature-regulating properties that make it ideal for training in. If you become sweaty or train in wet weather, the wool won't feel wet and cold on your skin, and temperature regulation will keep you warm, even during periods of inactivity. On warmer days, wool clothes will keep you cool throughout the day, and they’re also UV-resistant and will protect you from the sun.

A blend of wool and synthetics is great for high-intensity workouts. The training collection has been specially developed for warm days of high intensity, but it works just as well for a variety of activities.

There's no end of training opportunities out in nature. In a park or small wooded area, you can do a lot of different exercises such as practicing intervals on slopes or using benches and rocks to do different exercises.


Four training tips for outdoor strength training:


Step one leg forward, making sure your knee doesn't go over your toes. Slowly lower your back knee while keeping your weight on your front foot. Use a rock as a weight for an extra challenge.


Step up on a bench or rock while lifting the other knee. Step down again before placing the opposite foot behind you into a lunge. As with normal lunges, keep the weight on the front foot.

Tricep dips

Keep your body close to the bench or rock, bring your elbows back and lower your buttocks. Stretch your elbows when you raise yourself back up. A moderated move is to place your legs closer.


Find a wall or tree with an even slope around it for 90°-degree wall sits.
Stand with your knees bent at 90 degrees, with your back against the wall or tree. Set a timer for how long you should stay in this position - be warned, a couple of minutes feels like a long time!


It doesn't take much to make a big difference. Exercise has many health benefits, so bring a friend and challenge each other. You'll also feel more motivated to carry on.