What to pack for your hiking trip

Our ambassador Claire Kvalheim Kieffer loves to be outdoors and here is her advice on what you should have in your backpack while hiking.

What you should wear depends very much on the weather and local conditions, and what you wear while walking. But I usually carry the following in my backpack on a mountain hike or summit hike in the summer:



  • Packed lunch / snacks (e.g. dried fruit or chocolate) and a water bottle, possibly a thermos with cocoa, coffee or hot water, plus a cup.
  • Extra wool sweater (long-sleeved) for shifts at the top, for breaks or as an extra layer if it gets very cold
  • Wool sweater (either on or in the backpack)
  • Wind jacket (preferably waterproof) that is used either on or in the backpack.
  • Possibly thin down jacket in addition (to put on during a break - especially if you wear both a sweater and windbreaker)
  • Possibly overcoat trousers (depending on what you wear while walking)
  • Seat pads
  • Gloves, neck, headband are always included
  • Possible sunscreen / antibac / mosquito spray / sunglasses / caps (possibly a headlamp depending on time / place)
  • Empty bag for rubbish I find on the road (and possibly my own rubbish)
  • Some first aid equipment for your own use or possibly help others (eg sports tape, bandages, windsock / survival cloth, first aid kit)
  • Possible camera





On a cross-country trip the list is very similar, only minus mosquito spray. Always bring extra gloves, balaclava, and possibly a shovel with you if you plan to sit down somewhere to eat your packed lunch.