Wool for training

We used to think of wool as thick home-knitted sweaters on a cold evening. Today, we know that wool is a superior material that is both functional in use and a better choice for the environment.

Wool is a complex fiber consisting of proteins that provide excellent performance properties, making it the perfect material for training clothes. Merino wool training clothes are guaranteed to enhance your workout experience. 


Why use wool for workouts?

Wool is nature’s own high-tech fibre, with some very unique properties that are particularly good for training all year round. Odor control, temperature regulation and moisture wicking are some of the reasons to choose wool for your next run or training session.



Dry & Breathable

Wool can absorb 30% of its own weight in moisture, without feeling wet. When moisture is absorbed, the wool generates heat. This heat makes the wool feel comfortable at low temperatures, even when it’s wet or sweaty. At the same time, wool breathes, which means you won't overheat.



The wool fibres react to changes in your body temperature and regulate the temperature when it is both hot and cold. Wool fibres have unique insulating properties due to their frizzy texture. The unique texture creates small air pockets that provide warmth and insulation on cold days. When it’s warm, the wool’s ability to absorb moisture will have a cooling effect on body temperature.




Less odor

Sweat has no odor. It is the by-product of the bacteria that break down sweat on the surface of the skin, causing what we know as body odor. The wool’s ability to absorb large amounts of moisture means that the bacteria do not thrive. That’s why you’ll notice much less perspiration odor on wool than on synthetic fibres.


Less upkeep

Because the bacteria don't thrive well on woollen clothing, it doesn't need to be washed as often. Even after a long, sweaty ski trip, it is actually enough to hang woollen garments outdoors to air out, and they are once again ready for new training sessions the next day.




Merino wool gives you good freedom of movement and elasticity when you exercise and stretch; the fabric stretches with your body. On a microscopic level, the wool fibres are shaped like small springs. They can be stretched and then regain their natural shape. 


Merino wool is an excellent fabric for both summer and winter sportswear. We offer a wide range of training clothes consisting of wool tights, wool T-shirts, training shorts and wool bras with different compositions and thicknesses, so you can choose the one that best suits your activity and intensity. Have a good workout!