Merino wool and atopic eczema

Several studies now show that fine Merino wool can help those suffering from atopic eczema and sensitive skin, as well as improve the quality of life for many.

Different breeds of sheep produce different types of wool, depending on the terrain they graze on. The thickness (coarseness) and length of the wool also determine the wool's properties, and the wool is divided into microns to distinguish between degrees of fineness. Low microns mean light, soft and scratch-free clothes while higher microns mean a thicker, sturdier garment.



A study at the University of Louisville investigated whether merino wool had an effect on children and adults with mild to moderate atopic eczema. At the end of the study, there was a significant improvement when using merino wool compared to other types of clothing. Merino wool improved the severity and symptoms of participants, and also the quality of life.

Several dermatological studies have shown that people with eczema have reported reduced symptoms when wearing Merino wool next to the skin. 



All Ulvang’s wool underwear and T-shirts are made from Merino wool and are qualified as either ultra fine, super fine or extra fine Merino wool. Our summer woollen T-shirts are made with Merino wool of 16.5 microns (ultrafine) and are therefore a good choice for those with extra sensitive skin. Our woollen underwear is made with extra fine Merino, with a micron of 19.5. Thin woollen garments can also be worn all year round, but their temperature-regulating properties will keep you warm on cold days and cool on warm days.