Choose wool and you’ll be well-prepared for bad weather.

Being in the mountains offers quite the experience, but it can also be inhospitable when the weather changes. Stay warm with wool!

There’s something truly special about the outdoor life, and when the temperature rises, many people like to take a stroll or hike in nature. 

The right clothes and equipment are always essential – as the Norwegian mountain code 4 tells:



Be prepared for bad weather and frost, even on short trips.

Even if it’s a warm and sunny day down in the villages or valleys, the  mountains will not be. You are more exposed to the elements and so you'll need more clothes according to activity level, weather and temperature. Go for summer wool and tights if the weather calls for it or if you're doing a high intensity activity, but you always bring extra clothes in your backpack.

For colder days or days with unstable weather, good
wool underwear and an extra thick woolen sweater can do the trick.

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the mountain codes?



A good wool base layer

Wool fibers wick moisture away from the body while also insulating, so when you wear woolen clothing, you won't feel wet or cold. Layering is a good rule of thumb with tight-fitting woolen undergarments as your base layer, and looser, thicker woolen clothing as middle layers. This type of layering allows you to easily adjust the temperature according to your activity and needs.  Don't forget accessories like a hat, wool socks and something for you neck.

At Ulvang, you’ll find warm and comfy woolen clothing that will last a long time for all your activities, temperature and seasons. Below are two types of versatile woolen underwear, which are ideal for your next mountain hike.

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Jacquard-knit two-layer blend of merino wool and polyester to make it more durable. Suitable for different intensity levels and different activities.

The inner polyester layer wicks moisture away from the body, while the outer layer of wool absorbs moisture to insulate and keep you warm throughout the day. 


Soft merino wool combined with Lyocell fibers is temperature-regulating, quick-drying and odor-resistant. Can be used for all types of outdoor activities with varying intensity levels. 

Safety first

Mountain rule 4 is important for several reasons. If you’re going to be outside for longer than planned, you should always bring extra clothes for periods of inactivity and waiting, especially on days when the weather can be unpredictable. Wool weighs very little and takes up little space in the bag, and you can easily pull it on and off as needed.

And make sure you bring equipment suitable for the terrain and the area you are going to be in, and remember to bring extra food and drink. Have a great trip!