Merino wool, which fabric weight do I need?

Merino wool is one of the softest things you can wear. As well as giving you optimal insulation, it doesn't cause irritation or itch. So what is the fabric weight of wool? Let us explain...

Merino wool fibers are finer than traditional wool fibers, which means they bend when they come into contact with the skin. Merino wool is therefore softer on the skin than traditional wool, and is a good choice for those with extra sensitive skin. In addition to insulating well, merino wool also has other unique properties, that keep your body at the right temperature, both in winter and when the temperature rises in summer.

The wool’s weight tells you which activity the garment is suitable for. In order to understand what the wool garment is to be used for, Ulvang uses different measuring units. Microns and gram.





Microns tell you how soft the wool is. The lower the micron number, the finer and softer the wool. We've written a separate article that explains more about microns. Read more about microns here



On all of Ulvang's wool underwear and base layers, we state the wool weight (per square meter). This is the weight of the wool per square meter. You may never have dealt with gram weight before, and probably don't buy clothes per square meter either. So we get that it might initially seem unnecessarily complicated and technical. But gram weight is actually quite simple:

The higher the gram weight of the merino wool garment, the more insulation and warmth it provides. The weight is also a good indicator of which activities the garment is suitable for.

Here is an overview of which gram weights our Ulvang ranges have, so you can find the right product for your next activity!


Gram weight of Ulvang merino wool products

Choosing the optimal weight depends on the purpose and climate you're dressing for.


Summer wool – 150g

Garments with a wool weight of 150 grams can be used as a base layer in cold weather or as a cool hiking T-shirt in the summer. The light merino wool has a naturally cooling effect on hot days and ensures optimum comfort all year round, even under other clothes when the temperature drops. Naturally odor-retardant, this is the perfect everyday garment. It is also suitable for long flights. Can of course also be used for hiking and training.


Everyday– 150g

Everyday is a range we’ve developed for those who want to wear wool every day without the classic “wool underwear look”.In the Everyday range we also use 150-g merino wool, which corresponds to the weight of a normal cotton T-shirt. However, merino wool keeps you warmer when it’s cold outside, cooler in higher temperatures, and is perfect under a shirt or sweater in the winter or on its own when the temperature rises.

Merino Net – 180g

With its 180-g merino mesh quality, Merino Net is a must-have for active outdoor fans. Made of 100% super soft merino wool and mesh air pockets for exceptional breathability and optimal comfort, the mesh dries quickly and drives excess heat away from the body, making it the perfect garment for high-intensity workouts such as skiing, hiking and cross-country skiing.


Rav 100% + Maristua + Sjoa – 200g

Rav 100% is our most versatile wool underwear range. 200-gram quality means medium weight. A 200-g garment is thin enough for both everyday wear and layering, and gives you garments that are ideal for everyday use as well as skiing or cold-weather activities throughout the year. Also works perfectly in hot weather and low-intensity activities.

Thermo – 250g

Thermo is an extra warm 250-g wool base layer, perfect for hiking and expeditions in extra low temperatures. Thermo is made with the longest and thinnest merino wool fibers, resulting in a fabric that minimizes itching and pilling. Mesh underarm sections also provide excellent moisture wicking and breathability when activity levels increase. Thermo can be used on its own or as a second layer on the coldest days.


Extreme Merino Net– 180 + 240g

Extreme Merino Net is our warmest wool underwear in 2-layer 100% merino wool. An extra warm base layer designed for tough conditions that place high demands on insulation. Extreme Merino Net can be used alone or as a second layer. Originally developed for expeditions with high demands on insulation and comfort, the range has been tested on several expeditions in tough conditions. The garments are used if you freeze on the way to the North Pole, but can of course also be used if you are looking for the warmest garment for a day outdoors.

Traceable Merino Wool

Merino wool garments give you maximum comfort all year round. The soft and scratch-free fibers insulate well and are suitable for both outdoor and urban use. All our merino wool products are also made from 100% mulesing-free merino wool.