Merino wool

Wool has gained a new meaning in recent years, although it has always been popular, there are now clothes in merino that are soft and comfortable against the skin.

Wool has several properties that makes it fantastic to use in different conditions and temperatures. Studies have shown that fine merino wool has a soothing effect on those with sensitive skin and atopic eczema. Even those who struggle with sweat should consider upgrading their wardrobe with merino clothes.


Wool, nature's own product 

Different sheep breeds produce different wool. The grazing areas of the sheep have an impact on the sheep's wool, so you will get different wool from different parts of the world. The properties of the wool depend on the thickness of the wool (degree of coarseness) and the length of the wool. The longest and finest wool will be soft against the skin, while thicker wool fiber is more robust and durable. 

Wool can absorb up to 30% of its own weight in moisture, and you will therefore not feel damp or cold even when you are wet. The wool fiber itself is frizzy and the more curls wool fiber has, the more air the wool will hold on to. The reason why wool retains heat well is because of the air that is trapped around the fiber, which gets heated by our body. 



Wool is temperature-regulating and therefore the wool's fibers will regulate themselves according to body temperature. If you dress up in the multi-layer principle, the wool will insulate and retain heat in different weather conditions. A thin and tight-fitting underwear in merino wool is soft and comfortable against the skin and is useful on colder days. 

With a natural product such as wool, you get clothes that breathe, are temperature-regulating, wrinkle-resistant and elastic. Wool is the most recycled and popular fiber on the market. Wool has several advantages as it's naturally degradable, renewable and doesn't need to be washed often, just hang it out between each use. 


Merino wool

Merino wool is very soft, and like other wool it is UV-resistant, which makes it ideal for sunny days. With merino clothes, you can have long days outdoors, both at sea, in the city or out in the terrain. Even for training merino wool is ideal to wear due to its moisture-transporting properties.

Wool underwear and t-shirts at Ulvang are qualified as ultra-fine, super-fine or extra fine merino wool. Summer wool t-shirts are made with 16.5 micron (ultrafine), wool underwear is made with 19.5 micron, and all clothes are mulesing-free. (link to animal welfare here)


Summer wool

There are still many people who like to be active who still do not know how good merino wool is. It all has the same qualities as wool but it is also very soft on the skin. Merino wool is very versatile in use, it can be used for training, activities, sleeping outside and even for lazy days at home. 

Summer Wool collection is in 100% merino wool that is suitable for hot days, both for activities and everyday use. With its temperature-regulating property, you will not overheat but feel a cooling effect on the body.