Benefits of wool clothing for children

A good wool set or wool baselayer for children makes long days outdoors fun, whether it's at kindergarten, school or on a day out!


Use the multilayer principle to dress your child with inner, middle and outer layers (use wind and waterproof outerwear). By dressing your child in layers, it's easier to regulate heat, depending on the activity level and temperature. 

Why choose wool?

There are many good reasons for choosing wool clothing for children. Merino wool baselayers are light, comfortable and don't itch, making it easy for children to move around without being held back by stiff clothes. It's also easy to pack an extra layer in their bag when needed. 

The innermost layer should fit snugly for it to best wick away moisture and heat from the body withouth the child getting wet or cold. 
 A good wool set will also help regulate body temperature, so your child doesn't become overheated, even in their most active times. 


Wool is also ideal as a middle layer, especially in changeable weather when the temperature changes quickly or the level of activity varies. The middle layer should sit more loosely on the body to provide as much heat and insulation as possible. Your child won't get cold even in quieter or less active times, so they can comfortably sit around the fire when it's time to eat. 

With a good outer layer and the right accessories, such as mittens, hats and good socks, your child can go all day without you needing to worry about them getting wet, cold or too hot. Wool is your child’s best friend.


The properties of wool

Wool insulates, retains heat and is temperature-regulating, but did you also know that wool is to some extent water-resistant? Light rain, snow or flecks of dirt will just be on the surface or run off the fabric, which makes it perfect for spills and changeable weather. Wool also doesn't need to be washed much, as hanging it out to air between uses is just as effective. A bonus is it's easy to repair if necessary. 


Many people think that wool is best in winter or on cold days, but wool can be used all year round for all kinds of activities, big or small. Wool absorbs UV rays more effectively than most other materials and is therefore also ideal for sunny days.

Wool is also fire-resistant, as the fibre structure and high density of the yarn prevent flames from spreading, giving wool the opportunity to extinguish itself. It’s reassuring to know this when your child is out exploring places you don't have complete control of.

Weather and temperature

Children are different, and the right wool clothing depends on the temperature and activity. We have comfortable, soft and versatile wool clothing and wool sets for children and their activities. We also have some good accessories that are easy to use as needed.

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