Wool baselayers

Wool has many wonderful properties, which is why it also makes great baselayers.


Wool is both bacteria-inhibiting, temperature-regulating, UV-protective and retains heat. And wool can absorb up to 30% of its own weight in moisture, so in cold or rainy weather, wool underwear will keep you warm without feeling wet or cold.

It's not only in the cold winter months that wool is effective, it is equally good on hot, sunny days. Because of its temperature-regulating properties, you won't feel overheated. A good wool T-shirt will therefore have a cooling effect on your body, even if you’re in the woods, mountains, by the sea or at home.


Why go for wool baselayers?

There are many different types of wool and different breeds of sheep produce different types of wool. The coarseness and length of the wool depends on the area where the sheep graze. The finest wool fibers are soft against the skin, such as merino wool, while the thicker wool fibers are more robust, such as Norwegian wool.

Wool baselayers are made from soft merino wool, which feels nice and comfy on your skin. Studies have even found that fine merino wool can have a soothing effect on those suffering with atopic eczema or sensitive skin.

Good wool baselayers last a long time and keep their shape well, and with its antibacterial properties, you don't need to wash wool between uses. It’s just as effective to hang it up to air between wearing, which makes it the perfect hiking companion. 


The right wool baselayers

There are wool baselayers that are highly versatile, while others are best suited for different activities in different seasons. Our own wool baselayer guide gives you an overview of which wool baselayers are best for summer, autumn, winter and spring. 

Summer Wool

For warmer days when you need clothes that have a cooling effect on the body. Summer wool is 100% merino wool and feels silky soft against the skin. These baselayers can be worn all year round, even on colder days under other clothes.


Rav 100%

Versatile and comfortable wool baselayers in 100% merino wool that can be used all year round, on both hot and cold days, as well as for various activities involving periods of rest or high intensity. Thanks to their ribbed construction, these clothes are stretchy but still keep their shape.

Merino Net – Active

A perfect collection for the most active. Suitable for high-intensity workouts in hot weather and as baselayers on colder days. In 100% merino wool and with mesh air pockets, this is the ultimate training wear that provides excellent moisture-wicking, excellent breathability and is quick drying.


Thermo – for very cold days

Clothes for hiking and expeditions in colder climates that have an interlock construction, which provides good moisture-wicking and thermal insulation. Thermo is extra warm and made from merino wool, which feels comfortable on your body throughout the day. Can be worn on its own or as a midlayer on cold days.

Wool for children

Wool is just as fantastic for little ones as it is for big ones. Children also spend a lot of time outdoors in preschool, school and during leisure activities. Woolen clothes are ideal for active and stationary periods, as they protect against changeable weather just as much as other garments.

Piny is a sustainable children's’ collection consisting of various wool clothes for both inner and outer layers, summer and winter. Read about wool for starting preschool.



Wool socks

To complete your wool set, all you need is a pair of comfortable wool socks, which provide just as much warmth and comfort as the other wool garments. As with wool baselayers, there are many types of socks that have different functions, some of which are perfect for everyday wear, while others are better for a day on the ski slopes.

To find the right socks for your activity, take our own sock test, and read more about the different types of socks and the seasons they are best suited to.  All wool socks come with a sock guarantee of two years. 

Washing and storage

As with any clothing, wool must be washed and stored properly to prolong its lifespan and to maintain its shape and function. Read about how to properly wash and store wool clothes.