Wool for starting preschool

There’s a lot to consider when your kid starts preschool. Finding the right clothes for activity and different temperatures can be tricky. Go for good wool underwear in merino to keep your kid warm.

After a great summer holiday, your child is ready for new experiences at preschool.For some it’s back to old routines, while for others it’s a new start. Children's clothing needs change with age, they need to be suitable for both quiet playtimes and more active and exploratory times.



Wool for kids

Wool has many excellent properties that make it an ideal fabric for people of all ages, regardless of conditions and activity. Wool can absorb 30% of its own weight in moisture, without feeling damp. When moisture is absorbed, the wool generates heat, which means that you still stay warm even when damp or sweaty. Wool is also temperature-regulating, which prevents overheating.

The three-layer principle – Good wool underwear

Kids are very active, both indoors and outdoors. Follow the three-layer principle and dress kids in layers with regard to temperature, season and activity. All our woolen underwear is in merino wool and is versatile to wear, being suitable for all indoor and outdoor activities. 

Inner layer

This is the most important layer and should be tight-fitting. The function of the surface is to wick away moisture and sweat from the body. Good woolen underwear in merino wool will keep your kid warm throughout the day.

Middle layer:

This layer should fit more loosely against the body to create air between the layers and allow greater movement. The middle layer’s function is to insulate and provide extra warmth on cooler days. Clothing thickness depends on temperature and activity. You need warmer clothing in quiet or stationary periods than you do during high-intensity activities. Go for clothes that can easily be pulled on or off depending on what your kid is doing.


Outer layer:

The outer layer must be water and windproof with good breathability. This layer must release excess moisture and heat from the body. What to go for depends on the season and needs of your kid. What was right last year might not work now.

Tips! If you have several kids, store the woolen underwear to hand down later. Good woolen clothing lasts a long time and can be repaired easily, while saving your wallet and the environment.

Read more about tips for washing and maintaining your wool clothes.



Accessories are equally important

Hat and neck

Wearing a hat outdoors is just as important as wearing the right clothing on your body. Merino wool hats retain heat well without feeling damp, and on warmer days you can switch to headbands if the hat gets too hot. Accessories such as the neck or balaclava provide protection for gaps down the neck and can be easily be pulled on and off depending on temperature and need.

Wool socks

Feet are very vulnerable when it comes to cold days and can quickly get cold and wet. Go for warm and comfortable socks that keep your feet warm throughout the day. Good woolen socks, preferably two pairs, will insulate and retain heat well. Using two socks also reduces the risk of blisters and cooling. Also be sure to wear comfortable shoes that keep water and snow out and that are comfortable on your feet. Thinner socks can be used on warmer days, and wool socks can also be used here.


Which mittens to wear depends on the weather and season, but it’s good to have a few lying around if you need them, even on warmer days. Wear roomy and comfortable wind mittens on the outside, preferably some long ones that you can pull up over the sleeves, so that you don't have wet and cold hands.