Wool for running

Whether you’re running, cycling or doing high-intensity activities, wool is clearly the best material to wear. The great thing about it is that you can wear it in any season, whether it’s summer wool or good woolen underwear for cooler days.

When you move a lot or have are working at high intensity, you quickly become hot and sweaty. This is when wool is ventilating and thermo-regulating, preventing you from overheating. Even when you’re standing still or taking breaks, wool clothing will keep you warm.


Merino sportswear is popular because its fibers adjust to your body temperature and conditions, while being soft and comfortable against the skin. Go for clothes according to season, needs and activity.

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Wool for both hot and cold days

If you sweat a lot or have sensitive skin, Merino wool will be a good alternative, probably the best in fact. Thanks to this wool's antibacterial and wicking properties, it helps keep your clothes odorless and creates a good climate for your skin no matter what your intensity is. Merino wool is worth wearing even as everyday wear.

On warmer days, wool will keep you cool, and our Pace collection is perfect for high-intensity running and cycling. Designed for warmer days, woolen clothing ensures optimal sweat and moisture wicking and good ventilation when the intensity varies. With mesh and reflective details, this is perfect for the summer months.



On days with varying weather and cooler temperatures, woolen clothing that has been specially designed for these conditions and activities is ideal. The Explore range comprises 200g-woolen underwear, which is fast-drying, odor-resistant and temperature-regulating. The clothes are made of a Merino wool and lyocell blend, which makes them warm and comfortable, ideal for various outdoor activities and intensity levels.



Wool underwear

If you’re still unsure which woolen clothes are right for your activity, check out our guide, or check out our other collections. At Ulvang, we have versatile woolen underwear and woolen clothing for all conditions, both for the fitness enthusiast, the explorer and those who are at the beginning stages of discovering the benefits of the outdoor life on the body and soul.

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Make a sustainable choice

If you’re looking for clothes that will last a long time for your run, choose wool. Wool doesn't smell and therefore doesn't need to be washed between uses like synthetic clothes do. It’s just as effective to hang it out to air between uses, which means you'll also save water and the environment.