Wool is gold in summer

When you think of wool, your mind automatically drifts to cold fall and winter days, but wool is also excellent in the summer.


Investing in wool clothing is one of the best things you can do for yourself and the planet. A good hiking buddy this summer is merino wool, which is soft and comfy against the body and will keep you cool on warm days.


Why wool?

Wool absorbs large amounts of moisture and is naturally anti-bacterial. wool is therefore ideal in the summer for those who tend to sweat a lot. With proper airing between uses, you can wear it several times before washing without smelling sweaty.

Wool has good breathability and is temperature-regulating during high activity. The texture of the fibers creates small air pockets that provide warmth and insulation on cold days, while on warm days they absorb moisture away from the body for a cooling effect. So you don't need many garments and therefore save space in the backpack on long hikes and overnight stays.




Wool on sunny days also provides protection.

Wool not only absorbs moisture but also UV rays. In fact, it absorbs more than many of the other matrials on the market. Depending on the garment’s density and treatment, UPF is between 20 and 50 on wool clothing.


Extra garments always pay off

Whether it’s a hike up a mountain or deep into the forest, it’s always best to dress for the conditions, as per the 4th mountain rule:

Be prepared for bad weather and cold weather, even on short trips.

The weather in Scandinavia changes quickly, and an extra piece of clothing can be the difference between a good and bad experience. Enjoy the great outdoors this summer with comfortable wool garments from Ulvang that will keep you both warm and cool depending on the conditions.