Wool mesh – distributes air in the garment

If you haven't tried wool mesh baselayers before, now's the season to give it a go. We love wool here at Ulvang. But we also love fresh air, both in nature and in our clothes



How well you manage to keep your body at the right temperature has a big impact on your hiking experience. Different temperatures require different garments. But activity and intensity also play a role in what you should dress in. You need to stay warm – but not too warm – and the garments need to be able to wick away damp and sweat, but preferably not get too wet. And they need to be able to dry quickly.

And we hate to say it, but there's no such thing as “warm clothes”. Your body produces heat. Clothes certainly have varying abilities to retain this heat. And there are currently no materials in the world that can beat air.


Stay warm with wool

Mesh wool has unique properties and has been used for many generations. The garments consist of a fine mesh, which collects hot air from your body in the holes in the yarn structure. This creates a continuous layer of air around your body, keeping your body temperature under control.

The wool mesh will therefore provide excellent warmth on cold days, while at the same time wicking excess damp effectively if you get too hot. With a mesh baselayer made of 100% wool, you also benefit from the insulation provided by the air in the holes and the wool’s excellent odor resistant properties.

The wool mesh is therefore unbeatable even in the sweatiest sessions, making it the perfect training garment for high-intensity winter workouts, such as alpine skiing, hiking and cross-country skiing.



How wool mesh works during different activities

  • During low activity and times when you need to remain completely still, e.g. while on a hunting post, optimal insulation is ensured and thermal bridges are prevented. You stay warm. 

  • During high activity, the excess heat generated will be effectively released through the mesh and you feel less sweaty as you get warmer, because the mesh wicks sweat away from your body.


How to use wool mesh in winter

With a lovely wool mesh against your body, you stay warm and perform better. Because wool mesh dries quickly, it will also maintain its insulating function on longer winter journeys.

In most cases, it’s enough to combine the wool mesh baselayer with a thin middle layer on top, or a thicker sweater on really cold days. If you're someone who tends to feel the cold, try one of our merino-mesh styles and enjoy staying warm and dry this winter.



Tips: wool mesh also works for summer use

Wool mesh isn't just for cold days, it’s also very versatile on warmer days. On this summer’s hikes, use the wool mesh as the only garment under the shell jacket to minimize condensation and avoid getting clammy and wet underneath your jacket.


Wool mesh makes you feel dry and therefore comfortable

If you’re on a hike lasting several days and without the option of washing along the way, it’s a good idea to bring garments that dry quickly. And which don't smell.

Wool mesh baselayers do not absorb odor even after several days of activity. Thanks to the mesh construction, the garments don't become clogged with bodily waste, and the ventilating and insulating properties last longer.

The wool mesh also attracts less moisture than the normal wool shirts do. All a wool mesh shirt needs is a quick dip in a creek before hanging out to dry, and you have fresh, dry underwear in just 30 minutes.

Wool baselayer in wool mesh

Ulvang Merino Net is a 180-g lightweight merino mesh quality, a must-have for active outdoor enthusiasts. Made of 100% super soft merino wool for optimal comfort, and mesh air pockets for exceptional breathability.

The mesh dries quickly and drives excess heat away from the body, making it the perfect garment for high-intensity workouts such as skiing, hiking and cross-country skiing. Can be used alone in warm weather or as a first layer when the temperature drops.

Extreme merino net: for extreme conditions

Extreme Merino Net is our warmest wool underwear, developed for expeditions with high demands on insulation and comfort. This baselayer range is made of two layers, 100% merino mesh as the innermost layer and 100% merino wool as the outermost layer.

The air pockets in the inner layer breathe and wick moisture away from the body, while the outer layer provides ultimate protection and insulation. For those of you who tend to really feel the cold or are looking for the warmest garment for a day spent in the outdoors.