Wool as a next to skin layer

We love wool here at Ulvang! That's because it's an awesome natural product with completely unique properties. Did you know that wool is also particularly great to wear next to skin?



The time when wool meant prickly wool sweaters and itchy baselayers is long gone. With new types of wool, knitting methods and composition of the wool garments, you can now wear wool close to the body – without fear of it feeling itchy. And wearing wool next to your skin has several benefits:


Wool retains heat well

Firstly, wool is a 100% natural material, which is excellent at retaining heat, even if it gets wet. So you can rest assured that you'll be warm and comfy in a baselayer set of e.g. merino wool – even when the weather's cold and wet.

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Wool lets your body breathe

Wool is an airy fiber that breathes well, which means it also allows your skin to breathe. Good ventilation ensures that sweat evaporates from your skin, and you stay dry and comfortable. This makes wool great to wear when you're active, because it will keep you cool in summer and warm in winter. And it stops you from getting too hot or too sweaty.


Wool wicks moisture away

Thirdly, wool is very good at wicking moisture from the skin. Wool can absorb 30% of its own weight in moisture, without feeling wet or damp. This makes wool an ideal choice for clothes that are worn on the skin, especially if you sweat a lot. By absorbing moisture from your skin, you don't get wet or damp when sweating. Which means you stay dry and comfy, even during high levels of activity.


Wool also has a natural antibacterial property, which means that the wool garments don't smell bad, even if you have worn them several times without washing them. And that's a big advantage if you’re traveling or on a mountain hike, where you can't always wash your clothes.


UIvang loves wool!

As well as being warming, airing and moisture-wicking, wool is also durable and easy to look after. This means that your wool clothes will last for many years, without losing their shape or quality, and they only require minimal care. Good for your wallet and, not least, good for the environment.


So it’s no wonder we think wool is a fantastic material to wear next to your skin, whether you’re training or playing. Next time you're looking for clothes to wear next to your skin, don't forget to consider wool!