Wool, the partner for an outdoor lifestyle

Being outdoors has health-promoting benefits, make the experience better with good and comfortable clothes in wool.

Norwegians are particularly fond of being outside, even from childhood they are out exploring the terrain with family and friends. There are many reasons to be outdoors, you feel less stress, it makes us happier and lighter in mind and you strengthen the body, healthline.com. That in itself should be an inspiration to get out.


Whether it is a short or long trip or an overnight stay, having the right equipment and clothes is important to be best prepared for changing weather conditions. Being outside regardless of temperature and conditions can quickly become uncomfortable.

Multilayer, preferably with wool

Several are familiar with the multi-layer principle, inner layer, middle layer and outer layer, plus extra clothing, depending on the locations and temperature. With a good wool underwear that is thin and snug, the fibers will wick away sweat and moisture from the body. The middle layer should be thicker and a bit looser to get better insulation and mobility. The outer layer will protect against weather and wind. With extra accessories such as hats, mittens and good socks, one is well prepared for changes in temperature and conditions. 

With several layers of wool, you want to keep warm even when you are wet, because wool can hold up to 30% of its own weight in moisture. The wool is temperature-regulating and emits excess heat at high intensity activities, warm on lower and on summer days keeps you cooled. 

Read more about the multi-layer principle.




Don’t forget the accessories

For long trips, you should pack the backpack well of both plasters, food and accessories. And always bring an extra hat, mittens and wool socks to be prepared if the weather suddenly changes. 


Accessories are essential, and you can easily take them on or off when you need them. 

On cold days you usually have a thicker hat, while on warmer days you may have to go for a thin hat in merino. A buff will protect your neck when you get cold or there is wind. It is always a good idea to pack extra wool socks, not only if you get wet or cold, but an extra pair can also help with foot ulcers.