Wool, your best hiking companion

Norway is a vast country with tall mountains, deep valleys and dense forests, but wherever you are, wool is your best hiking companion throughout the seasons.

Wool will keep you warm when it’s cold and cool when it’s hot. Temperatures change according to season and activity, so why not invest in clothes that are versatile? It’s not just for mountain hikes and expeditions that you should apply the multi-layer principle. Wool underwear is the best material for keeping warm in varying conditions.



The wool fibers have several properties. Wool underwear hugs your body and the fibers wick away moisture and insulate, keeping you warm in cold weather conditions. On warmer days, the wool regulates the temperature and keeps you cool. Wool is a durable material with a multi-purpose function that makes it the perfect hiking companion.


Inner layer 

The multi-layer principle consists of inner layers, middle layers, and outer layers, and each layer has its own function. Inner layers should be tight-fitting to wick moisture and sweat away from the body and keep you warm. Wool base layers in merino wool are comfy and soft, making it excellent as an inner layer. When selecting base layers, it's important to have the activity and preferred qualities in mind.


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The function of the middle layer is to insulate. These garments should have a looser fit to allow more air to circulate between the layers and greater freedom of movement. No matter what activity you're doing, it’s a good idea to bring an extra layer or two in your bag.

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Long-awaited spring days


Sitting outside to enjoy the sunshine is something that most people associate with Easter. We strategically place our packed lunches in the snow for this year’s Easter photo. It's easy to see why this is Norwegians' favorite time to go skiing. If you want layers of clothing that you can easily pull on or off depending on the weather, wool is the optimal choice.


Easter wouldn't be Easter without Marius. We have thick and comfortable sweaters in different colors that make a great middle layer when the weather turns cooler.




A sure sign of spring is when motorcyclists take to the road. When the snow has melted away, the sun heats up, motorbikes start filling the roads with people heading off on adventures. The miles can easily add up on the long Norwegian roads, but it doesn't take much for the trip to feel unpleasant.

Below you’ll find good wool clothing for both men and women, great for when riding your motorbike.



A time for enjoying beautiful hikes in the mountains, by the sea, or in the forest and fields.


Wool is great for both summer and winter, and with its ability to keep you cool in warm conditions, why not invest in some clothes that are suitable for most outdoor hikes? Because wool is self-cleaning and rarely needs washing, you not only save space in your backpack, you also save money and the planet.

If you plan to spend a lot of time outdoors on your bike, where the intensity level varies, we have good, versatile wool underwear that works just as well in the mountains as in the valleys. In Norway, there are many lovely trips that are suitable for all fitness levels and abilities.  And if you stop to take a break once in a while to enjoy the view and breathe in the fresh air, you may want to bring extra clothes in your backpack to keep you warm while you relax and enjoy the beautiful scenery.


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After a long winter, the hike up to mountain lakes is a must for many Norwegians. Others prefer the sea or river fishing. Running water is a cold experience and harsh winds in the mountains are not much better. Use the multi-layer principle and dress well.




Even out at sea, wool underwear does the trick. If the experience involves a boat or kayak, wool will keep you warm and insulate you even if you get wet. Once you start to get cold, it’s hard to get the heat back. So dress in layers before you enter the water and always remember your life jacket.



The calm after the peak season


When the colors change and the days get shorter, many starts getting ready for the hunting season. Fall days have varying temperatures with sun and night frost, so wool is a good, safe option for keeping you warm.

Popular trails or undiscovered paths, many Norwegians prefer to hike in the mountains after the peak season, mainly to escape the crowds or just to enjoy this last time before the snow arrives.

In fall, you can experience four seasons in one day, so a good rule of thumb is to always bring a change of clothes. Better to have too many clothes than too few.




In love with snow


This is the season we most associate with wool - and with good reason. The long tradition of using wool in different shapes and patterns has proven over time that wool is what lasts.


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Snowboarding, alpine skiing or cross-country skiing are activities that Norwegians are drawn to every winter. Whether it’s a day on the slopes or a few laps on the trail, our collections are designed for varying conditions. Whether you’re into timeless designs like Rav 100% or something more traditional like Maristua, there’s something for everyone.