Dry and cool in warmer conditions.

ULVANG's products in the LIGHT category wick away moisture from the skin and thereby keeps you cool and dry. The LIGHT products are ideal for versatile all-day activities and traveling, due to the softness and natural odor-resistance.


Comfortable all year round.

ULVANG's series of WARM products are suitable as the first or second layer. Can be used during chilly summer evenings, autumn adventures and activities where warmth and breathability are crucial. Wool moves moisture away from the skin, which helps you stay warm, dry and odor-free.


Warm in cold conditions.

ULVANG's series of X-WARM products are developed for the coldest conditions. These are our warmest base layers. Merino wool has natural wicking and temperature regulating properties. Suitable as an outer layer in less extreme climates.

    How should base layers fit?

    • Base layers should be next-to-skin in order for it to wick moisture properly.

    Should I choose wool or synthetic base layers?

    • Wool has a unique ability to wick moisture away, as a result you’ll stay dry and comfortable in all activities. If you have sensitive skin, we recommend base layers with an inner synthetic layer to avoid wool directly on the skin. 

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