Wash and care instructions

How to wash wool clothing

  1. Read the care label for detailed washing instructions.
  2. Close all zippers and turn your Ulvang garment inside out.
  3. Wash with a reduced load. ⅓ of full capacity or max 6kg is recommended. Keep in mind that the clothes weigh more when wet. 
  4. Wash on wool cycle with enzyme-free wool detergent.
  5. Do not use softener.
  6. Use centrifuge on high speed to move water and humidity out of the garment.
  7. Slightly stretch into original shape when wet.
  8. Hang the garment to dry. Do not tumble dry


With the right care wool garments can last a lifetime. Wool is easy to care for, self-cleaning and doesn't smell. 


The core of wool fibre consists of two types of cells that absorb different quantities of moisture. As a result, one type swells more than the other and they move together in a constant friction. This is what gives wool fibres their mechanical, self cleaning effect.

The bacteria from sweat prefer a humid environment. Wool fiber’s ability to absorb large quantities of moisture, keeps your skin dry and prevents the build-up of sweat. This makes the habitat less suitable for bacteria. Thus keeping you and the garment odor free.

Each wool fiber is like a coiled spring. The natural crimp texture allows the fiber to stretch, while staying true to its original shape. This gives wool garments a natural resistance to wrinkles.

As a result of these unique properties, wool doesn't need to be washed as often as synthetic fibers. In fact it's usually enough to air out and remove stains locally. Machine wash as infrequently as possible, to save both time and the environment.

Ulvang Eco Wool Wash 250ml

Our own ecological wool wash.

  • Effective wool detergent based on rewnewable raw materials.
  • For all high-quality texties of natural fibers, especially developed for soft Merino wool.
  • Lanolin with high quality wool-protein protects the garment against felting and keeps it soft and gentle.
  • Good biodegradability, made of renewable raw materials.
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Ulvang Eco Wool Wash

We recommend Ulvang Eco Wool Wash for your wool

Wool Care FAQs

    Can I Iron wool clothes?

    Yes. But only if the care label advises so.

    Wool’s crease resistant abilities reduces the need for ironing.

    However, some Merino wool garments can require a light iron. Remove wrinkles by ironing with a damp cloth or steam iron on a wool setting.

    Avoid ironing wool fabric when it’s totally dry.

    You can also hang garments in a steamy bathroom, the moisture will remove the wrinkles.

    How can I prevent pilling?

    Friction causes loose fibres on the surface of the fabric to entangle with one another until little balls of fluffy fibres have formed, these are known as pills. Pilling occurs in all fibers as a result of abrasion.

    To prevent pilling, avoid fabric softener, wash inside out and minimize abrasion.

    How can I remove pilling?

    Remove by hand after drying, should be done routinely. 

    Use a comb, should be done gently. 

    De-pillers and fabric shavers are small battery operated devices used to remove pilling.