Our farms

We work with several farms in Australia, Spain and Norway.

Allan and his family runs Nanimia in Skipton, Australia. The Pitcher family has had sheep for over 70 years, and they are truly experts on the field. The Merino sheep at Nanimia has a vey fine and soft wool, with 18-19 micron. Allan is the second generation at the farm and he tells us that farming sheep is just as much a lifestyle as a job. They have 5000 sheep and 2000 acres of land they can enjoy. The sheep has plenty of food and water, and in the summer they have areas with shadow to get away from the sun.

At Nanimia they stopped mulesing many years ago because the process is both painful and unnecessary. With proper selection and extra care the Pitcher family hasn’t had trouble with the parasite that causes the painful decease in over 15 years.

For some of our products we use Norwegian wool. We are very proud of our Norwegian wool collection and we love working with such a exclusive and short traveled material. We would love to use Norwegian wool for all our products, but it isn’t soft enough to wear directly on to skin.

Some of our Norwegian wool comes from Robjørgane in Stryn ,and the idyllic farm that belong to Trude and Peder. They have about 70 winterfed sheep, the breed is called Gammalnorsk Spælsau, and they enjoy a free life in gorgeous nature.