Our factories

We work with factories in several countries, most of them are in Romania, Lithuania and China.

The textile industry in China is huge, approximately 10% of the population are involved in textiles. That equals work for 141 million people. Mengdi Group is one of the Chinese factories we have worked with for several years. Mengdi was founded in 1981 and is a vertical factory. A vertical factory in the wool industry takes care of everything from the wool is cut, to the finished and packed product. Mengdi has over 2000 employees.

All our factories have to follow strict rules regarding work conditions, safety, wages and work hours. The factories we work with have to follow our Code of Conduct: https://brav.com/code-of-conduct/


Open Factory List:

  • AB Sparta – Lithuania
  • Ancarom – Romania
  • Asian Sourcing International - China
  • Mengdi Group – China
  • Huayu – China
  • Garlita UAB – Lithuania
  • Klassic Socks Ltd. – Romania
  • Nicetop Knitters Limited – China
  • Omniteksas – Lithuania
  • Ridgeview Ltd. – Ireland
  • Portugal Bison – China
  • J.Caetano – Portugal
  • Shepherd – China