Piny is a fun, sustainable, and durable kids collection made for playful adventures, all year round. 

We want your kids to be warm and comfortable while exploring the world and its wonders. The Piny collection is made of carefully selected, responsibly sourced and high-quality materials that are easy to care for and repair, to meet the needs of kids today and tomorrow. 


Use the multilayer principle to dress your kids.

  • Inner layer
  • Mid layer
  • Outer layer

It’s better to have multiple layers than just a few thick ones, then you can easily regulate the temperature after activity level by taking off or putting on clothes when necessary.

The inner layer should be snug, to keep the children warm and dry even when they get wet. The mid layers function is to insulate, this layer should sit a little looser so children can move freely around. Finish off with an outer layer that is wind and waterproof. At Ulvang you can find comfortable wool clothing for the little ones.