Ulvang Eco Wool Wash

We recommend Ulvang Eco Wool Wash for your wool

Wool Care FAQs

  1. Can I Iron wool clothes?

    Yes. But only if the care label advises so.

    Wool’s crease resistant abilities reduces the need for ironing.

    However, some Merino wool garments can require a light iron. Remove wrinkles by ironing with a damp cloth or steam iron on a wool setting.

    Avoid ironing wool fabric when it’s totally dry.

    You can also hang garments in a steamy bathroom, the moisture will remove the wrinkles.

  2. How can I prevent pilling?

    Friction causes loose fibres on the surface of the fabric to entangle with one another until little balls of fluffy fibres have formed, these are known as pills. Pilling occurs in all fibers as a result of abrasion.

    To prevent pilling, avoid fabric softener, wash inside out and minimize abrasion.

  3. How can I remove pilling?

    Remove by hand after drying, should be done routinely. 

    Use a comb, should be done gently. 

    De-pillers and fabric shavers are small battery operated devices used to remove pilling.