Ulvang - We Are Wool

As adventurer and athlete, Vegard Ulvang knew that the only thing that was good enough for expeditions and in competitions was wool.

In 1995 he developed the first Ulvang product: Ulvang Special.

Vegard Ulvang is one of the most successful cross-country skiers of all time. He has won many medals in both the Olympics, World Championships and Nordic Championships. Vegard has also climbed high mountains in the Himalayas and Caucasus, reached the South Pole, crossed Greenland and the Northwest Passage on skis, ridden over Mongolia - and of course spent countless hours on adventures in the Norwegian mountain world.

Vegard is still part of the gang that works with Ulvang, and is involved in product development, testing and sales. A good example is the Ravgenser, which was launched in 2005 and was a great success.

We want to contribute to good experiences in nature. However, top quality of our products is not enough for us, social responsibility and animal welfare are also pillars in our strategy.


We are wool!